AutomatA Rules

The following rules are in addition to the FFXIV TOS.
  • Members have majority access to items in the FC chest. Do not put any items in the chest unless they are free for all.

  • Any gil donated to the FC chest will be used to fund FC items, projects, and events only. If you need to borrow gil, just ask and, please, be prepared to pay it back.

  • All members are able and encouraged to invite other members.

  • Members are encouraged to activate FC actions if the buff timers run out and no officers are online.

  • Heat of Battle II should be up at all times with Heat of Battle III being saved for weekends and special occasions. If you have a request for a specific second company action, let us know! Meat & Mend or a DoH/L leveling buff will be active as a stand in.

  • Treat your fellow members with respect. We're all adults here. If you have an issue with someone take care of it amongst yourselves and keep in out of FC chat. If you feel the need to involve a ranked member with the issue, please do so privately.

  • If you feel the need to be a troll or instigate people for no reason, do it somewhere else. This FC is a pretty open place to do what makes you happy, but do not take advantage of that. Don't be a buzzkill and don't be an asshole. If most people are complaining about your behavior, pleasedo not act like a child. We are all here to have a good time, don't ruin it for people. We're not here to keep anyone down, but freedom of speech does not mean freedom to be an asshole. 

  • Do not enter a raid voice chat channel on discord unless you are raiding with that group and please do not sit in a locked call if you aren't raiding. When finished raiding, please see yourselves to general or gamevoice; this is to avoid cliquey-ness.

  • Do not enter a a locked voice chat (such as a raid VC capped at 8 people) unless you are using it for its intended purpose. Do not hide in a locked voice chat. If you really feel the need to play with only certain people and block others from joining, do so privately. Not where the entire FC can see you.

  • Relationships between FC members are great and even encouraged! This being said, all relationships between FC members should be keep between the members involved and not effect the FC. This includes any instance where one of the people involved is an Officer or Ranked member. All personal, romantic relationships should be kept separate from FC matters. We respect you and you will not be treated differently because of what happens in your personal lives, good or bad, so please respect us and do the same.

Temporary and permanent demotions will be issued to players who break rules. Continual disregard will result in being kicked from the FC. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken and the severity