About Us

AutomatA is a  18+ Rank 30 social FC full of people that enjoy playing FFXIV among friends!


<<YoRHa>> offers 24/7 double buffs, an active discord, & more! As a whole, we tend to focus on more casual content (maps, trial farming, 24–man raids, roulettes, etc.), but AutomatA does have two established statics plus many other dedicated raiders for 6.x savage and ultimate content! We also host savage practice nights for players who may be interested in raiding, but are new or nervous and would prefer to dip their toes in among friends. Go team!


While we do have our sights set on an Ishgard Mansion, currently members can make themselves at home in our medium house in Lavender Beds, Ward 6, Plot 46, right next to a market board and aetheryte. Come hang out or just loiter in the front yard.


We encourage members to join us on discord and in voice chat if you see us on, just keep in mind that it will likely be NSFW. That said, this FC is 18+ only, so no babies, please. While sure, this means that there will likely be adult content discussed, we also mean that we expect a certain amount of social maturity from our members. 


Whether you are a brand-new player, an FFXIV veteran, or a returning player, all play styles are welcome. After an initial period of becoming a new member, all recruits will be ranked up and have full access to the majority of the FC chest plus the ability to activate buffs!* Use the FC as a resource to have a better overall FFXIV experience! If you see a need not being met, please don't hesitate to speak with any ranked member about it. We are a pretty laid back group and are open to new ideas! 


The majority of us are in the Eastern Standard Timezone and have day jobs so we are more active on nights and weekends. Please, don't feel obligated to be on and contribute all the time. We are all well aware that having adult responsibilities comes first. Also, taking breaks is healthy. We support healthy habits!


We hope to see you soon! 

*Upon the launch of 6.0 this perk will be removed in place of a set buff schedule. It will be returned once the expansion hype dies down. We feel it will allow out members to plan around what buffs we have active much easier this way. Please, see the corresponding post in our #annoucement channel in discord for the schedule!

Loving Nier: Automata is encouraged, but not required. <3